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Solo Ads Advertising Guide
Section 2: Ad Copy

by Adrian Jock, author of the Solo Ads eBooks Series

Copy is like a woman's skirt.
It should be long enough to cover the essentials and
short enough to keep it interesting

Many solo ads advertisers fail to understand the whole concept of a solo ad. They think a solo ad is better because they can write way much longer copy. That's so wrong!

A solo ad is more effective than any other email ad because it isn't placed together with other ads.


In case you promote somebody else's product or service (affiliate or network marketing), one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to use the solo ads recommended in the members area.

Do you know why?

Because almost everybody does it, and ... guess what happens when the readers get bored seeing the same solo ad again and again.

Content of the Section #2 Ad Copy

• Powerful Words

• Powerful Tips

• Free Video Course: Email Promos Exposed

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Probably the most comprehensive ebook on solo ads advertising.

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2. Ad Copy (Body)
3. How to Avoid Spam Filters
4. Solo Ads Copywriting Services
5. Solo Ads A/B Testing
6. Ad Trackers
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9. Ezines & Solo Ads Sellers
10. Solo Ads with Guaranteed Clicks

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Powerful Words

Verbs that work: create, open, discover, build, find, unleash, push, go, explode, save, reveal.

Powerful words: free, easy, how to, breakthrough, power, secret, results, hidden.

Use a command to make people buy: Act Now!, Take Action Today!, Pick Up the Phone and Order NOW!

Use odd numbers: "7 Great Reasons ..." works better than "6 Great Reasons ...", the experienced copywriters recommend.

Powerful Tips

Make the ad copy personal. Give the feeling of personal conversation between you and the reader.

• Don't sell the product, sell what the product will do for the reader.

Keep your sentences & paragraphs short. They're easier to understand.

Use simple words.

Include a bullet pointed list of benefits.

Use sub-headings. They make your ad copy easier to read.

Break up your ad copy's paragraphs with one or two sentence paragraphs.

Drive readers to act.

Ask for the order. Tell your readers what they need to do.

Give your readers multiple opportunities to click on the same link. Provide one link near the top and one near the bottom. You want people to be able to click when the impulse strikes. Don't make them scroll to find the URL.

Don't confuse the readers by providing links to different pages.

Add "http://" in front of your domain name, otherwise your link may not be clickable when the recipient uses certain email client packages.

Sign your solo advertisement and provide at least your email address. Disclosing this information assures the recipient that you welcome an open dialogue. If something is not clear for the reader or if he needs more information, you don't want him to delete your solo ad but to contact you.

Use a P.S. The readers have been trained over the years to open the solo ads, skip everything and read only the P.S. for special offers.

Free Video Course: Email Promos Exposed

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• Secrets of formatting your emails to make them easy to read;

• and way much more...

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