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Section 6: Ad Trackers

by Adrian Jock, author of the Solo Ads eBooks Series

Without Using an Ad Tracker, You're a Blind Solo Ads Advertiser

If your solo ad result isn't the one that you expected, how do you know what was wrong? Was it the solo ad itself? Was it the landing page? Was the solo ad even published?

If you run identical solo ads in different publications how do you know which ezine is worth placing your order with again?

If you run different advertisements in the same newsletter how do you know which one is worth running again?

Sure, you can base your assessment only on the number of sales or signups, but... What if you get only a few sales or signups? How do you find out what you need to correct?

Maybe the landing page is at fault. Or maybe it's the solo ad itself. Or maybe it's the solo ad seller who sent also some fake traffic generated from the same IP. Etcetera. You don't know for sure...

There is only one way to know: use an ad tracker. Without it, you're a blind advertiser.

Content of the Section #6 Ad Trackers

• Is It Good to Use Free Ad Trackers?

• Major Ad Trakers Reviews.

• Ad Tracking Supertips (free ebook).

Recommended eBook
Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads

Probably the most comprehensive ebook on solo ads advertising.

1. Solo Ads Headlines (Subject Lines)
2. Ad Copy (Body)
3. How to Avoid Spam Filters
4. Solo Ads Copywriting Services
5. Solo Ads A/B Testing
6. Ad Trackers
7. Free Solo Ads
8. Cheap Solo Ads
9. Ezines & Solo Ads Sellers
10. Solo Ads with Guaranteed Clicks

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Is It Good to Use Free Ad Trackers?

The ad tracking systems that are free usually include only some basic features. You get what you pay for ;-)

In addition, the free ad trackers are also used by newbies who sent spam. Whether their spam is sent accidentally or due to their lack of knowledge, that's not important. The result is that in most of the cases the domain names of these free ad trackers are blacklisted. Your email solo ad containing a link to such a domain name will be marked as spam by the spam filters that use the blocklist where tracker's domain name is listed.

An example of well-known system that incorporates a free ad tracker and has its domain name blacklisted is For more details, read the article Email Marketer's Silent Enemies

Major Ad Trackers Reviews

1. Ad Tracking Software

The software is installed on your web site and your tracking URLs carry your own domain name.

Ad Trackz Gold - ad tracking software


• Tracks visitors, sales, subscriptions, downloads, etc. from each of your traffic sources

• Calculates cost per click, cost per sale and cost per action for each one of your traffic sources

• Calculates your ROI (return on investment)

• Reveals what URLs people came from before clicking your ads.

• Protects your affiliate sales from commission theft with encrypted html redirect pages.

• Bonus #1: free professional installation.

• Bonus #2: free ebook "Ad Tracking Like a Pro"

2. Ad Tracking Services

The trackers do not run on your site but on supplier's server. Therefore no technical skills are required for using such services (good for beginners too).


• Shows you exactly how many visitors were generated by each of your ads.
• Reveals which ads generate the most visitors, subscribers, downloads, sales, etc.
• Calculates cost-per-click, cost-per-sale, and click-to-sale ratios for each ad.
• Shows you Return on Investment for each ad so you know which are profitable.
• Provides an at-a-glance look at all of your current, expired, and scheduled ads.
• Sends you a daily email report based on the information you're interested in.
• Default URL system ensures you don't lose traffic if you mess up any links.
• You can still use your own domain name in all of your ads and tracking links.

Registration Bonus: "20+ Types of PROVEN Headline Tactics for Unlimited Sales & Creativity" (special report)

Free 14-day trial and then if you like their service you can continue using it for $19.95 per month.

Adminder Ad Tracker


• Tracks how many visitors, sales, and leads are generated by each ad.
• Discover which keywords convert best and worst in your pay-per-click campaigns.
• Test multiple landing pages and ads simultaneously to find out what works best.
• Integrate our fraud detection technology to ensure that you only pay for quality traffic.
• Affiliate programs will usually tell you how many total clicks and sales you have generated with your affiliate ID, but there is no way to tell which of your ads generated those sales or leads. AdWatcher ad tracking service provides you with that information, offering a solution to affiliate marketers.

Full featured demo available on site.

Free 30-day trial and then if you like their service you can continue using it for $29.95 per month.


• 100 (Basic Plan) - 5,000 (Extreme Plan) tracking links
• 10,000 (Basic Plan) - 500,000 (Extreme Plan) clicks per month.
• Optimize your landing pages and get better conversions with A/B split testing tools.
• Use a short domain name for instant URL shortening, or make it work with your existing domain name.
• By installing a simple WordPress plugin, you can automatically convert keywords in your blog posts to affiliate links.

Payment Plans: Basic ($9/mo), Pro ($19/mo), Hyper ($39/mo), Extreme ($69/mo).

Link Cloaking and Tracking Software That Works - LinkTrackr


• Unlimited tracking links.
• 10,000 (Starter Plan) - 1,000,000 (Pro Plan) clicks per month.
• A/B split testing, click fraud monitoring, automatic bot filtering, public stats sharing, custom tracking domains, geo and mobile targeting, advanced retargeting, content locking, and way much more.

Demo account available on site.

Free 14-day trial and then...

Payment Plans:

Monthly billing: Starter ($17/mo), Standard ($47/mo), Pro ($97/mo)
Annual billing (save 30%): Starter ($12/mo), Standard ($33/mo), Pro ($66/mo)

Detailed comparison: ClickMagick vs ClickMeter

ClickMagick Ad Tracking Service

Ad Tracking Supertips

Ad Tracking Super Tips The free ebook Ad Tracking SuperTips shows you how to choose, use and profit from ad trackers.

Contents include:

Which Ad Tracker For You? - the two types of tracker and why you need to know the difference, trackers which calculate the ROI from all your ad campaigns, the advantage of sub-campaigns, the importance of redirect files, tracking your visitor all through your site, tracking your visitor after leaving your site.

Super Ways To Use An Ad Tracker - how affiliates can boost their sales, how to perfect your sales copy to get the order, finding the best advertising ezines and creating the best ads, and more.

Testing With An Ad Tracker - how to run a test, the one essential secret to scientific testing, why split run testing is the ideal method.

Ad Tracker Product Reviews - the key decision before you choose a tracker, recommended products.

Click here to download free Ad Tracking SuperTips


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